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Related article: Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 05:29:43 -0700 (PDT) From: TopLegal Subject: Advantage System Part 2Advantage System: Part 2 ======================== By TopLegal WARNING This contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and sadomasochistic activities between adult males. If this offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in your location, or you are not of legal age, do not read it. Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental. (c) 2007, TopLegal. Permission is granted for distribution via Usenet and the Web provided that the following two conditions are met: there is no cost to access this story, e.g. AdultCheck, pay site, etc., and the story is posted in full without modifications.Advantage System Basics ----------------------- Quick reminder for those joining the story of how Levy's advantage system works. This applies to the relationship between Levy and Y.J. in the story. * No masturbation or sex outside the relationship/framework. Both parties can mutually agree to some acts outside the framework, but as a whole it's off limits. * During any one sexual interaction, one person will get the T(op) role and will be guaranteed sexual satisfaction, the other person will get the B(ottom) role. B may or may not get an orgasm, but his job is to ensure that T is completely sexually satisfied in that encounter. * T & B roles must change around because the two people in the relationship can never be more than 1 "point" ahead of the other. (Sort of like Deuce in Tennis, so if Tom and Bob are the people in the relationship and Tom is the T to Bob in encounter one, then it Free Lolita Tgp is Advantage Bob. Here's the "catch", Tom cannot be T to Bob again until either it is Advantage Tom or "love".)Get Into Gear ------------- I woke up Monday morning with Levy's cock poking against me. His eyes were already open. "Love, we are at love," he said, "get into the bathroom and bend over the vanity." I kissed him. As I got out of bed, he added, "Oh, make sure to pre-lube your ass for my cock." My own cock was hard in anticipation of Levy's hard cock slamming my ass. I went into the bathroom, took a pee, and then lubed my ass up for his cock. He took a few minutes before coming in himself, peeing. He did not fuck me right away then. Rather he slapped my ass playfully and said, "God you are so hot bent over like that ready to be fucked J, let me just shave first, you don't mind staying bent over do you?" I shook my head. He took his sweet time shaving, probably ten minutes. Then he groped my body like a piece of meat. He fondled my hard cock and exposed balls for a while too before finally ramming his hard cock into my lubed, waiting hole. He rode me hard, but also slowly. Under the advantage system we live with each other under, I had one job, and one job only now, helping him achieve sexual pleasure. I focused to try to make my asshole both accommodating to his thrusts, but also tight enough to provide him a pleasurable, tight fuck. About ten minutes into the fucking, he paused and pulled out. "Don't want to cum too soon," he said and sat down on a stool in the bathroom. He removed the condom that was on his cock and started to gently stroke himself. I could watch this in the mirror. My own cock was still hard and I remained bent over the vanity. My hands went nowhere near my own cock--for now. "Talk to me Free Lolita Tgp about your fetishes," he said as he stroked himself. "I like it all!" "I've noticed you get quite kinky," he responded, "we had bondage already and the 'office' next door is filled with more toys and gear than most sex stores." "Well I don't know that we've exactly discussed my work." He laughed. "No I suppose we haven't?" "Clients pay me to satisfy their deepest, most secret sexual fantasies. Lots of times this involves buying gear of all sorts. I never have sex with clients, or get off myself while working with them." "Ok, now I'm hornier than before," he said. He slid a new condom on, came over to me again and rammed in violently and pounded me like a slab of meat until he came. I stood up and kissed him. "Thanks for fucking my brains out love." "Advantage J," he responded. "When do you have to be at work today?" "I'm working two pm to close." "Excellent. Let's get you into some gear to walk around in for the morning. That will make me horny and right around lunch I will fuck your brains out." He jumped in, "Got anything tight in latex?" "Absolutely, how about a nice latex wrestling_suit_", I answered, "with an open crotch for your dick and ass to be accessed?".. _wrestling_suit "Fuck that sounds hot," he responded. Both of us naked, we headed to my office that was as he said, chock full of more sex toys and gears than many stores. I quickly found the wrestling_suit_ and helped him into it. "Very hot," I said as I kissed him, "let's go get breakfast." I waited until well after breakfast to fuck Levy's hot ass. Actually, I waited until about 1pm so I could fuck him hard for say thirty minutes or so and leave him just barely enough time to shower and get to work. It clearly ticked him off a bit, mostly because he was horny to be back at love so he could fuck me. But, it was fun for me to tease him in the suit. Throughout the morning, I groped his ass and cock like it was my property. Around ten, I got a call from a client, Jamie, referred by Peter. I stepped away from Levy briefly to explain the basics and get an address to send forms to. Assuming the wire transfer came through, he would be in on Friday. At 12:45pm, I took Levy back to the gear room, and got him into a sling, swing that I have for better fucking access. On his back, in the tight latex wrestling_suit_, he was a hot sight. I lubed his ass, sheathed my cock in a condom and began thrusting into him as his whole body swayed in the swing. Hot as it was, I took my sweet time fucking his hot, tight ass. I shot my load after a half-hour of slowly, but steadily ramming my cock into his well lubed ass. I helped him up and out of the latex gear. "Love," I said, "and just enough shower time for you to get to work." I laughed slightly. We kissed. This was all part of the advantage system.Peter's Followup ---------------- I had Peter's follow up session at four. After Levy was off to work, I showered myself and got into a hard cup pair of underwear that would keep any erections I might have at bay. Peter was on time and after I buzzed him through the gate, he entered the office smiling. "Strip," I said firmly, "then stand facing me with your arms laced behind your head." He complied. It was wonderful to see how effective a mild post-hypnotic suggestion could be. Obeying me felt good to him. His cock was at full mast by the time he was naked and standing in front of me. I quickly walked to his back and saw that his back and buttocks, while still sore were all healing nicely. "Okay, lay down in the chair and we can talk," I ordered. He got into the zero gravity recliner and I had him count to 100 by sevens while applying mild pressure to his skull. He was under at twenty-eight. "Peter," I said, "you are quite relaxed now, we are going to talk about your experience how you are feeling now and any needs you still have." Peter murmured agreement. "I want to remind you that first and foremost, doing what I saw pleases you. Second, you feel uninhibited and relaxed around me, trusting me will help you feel good." Peter responded, "Yeah, I trust you and want to please you." "Good. Have you had any bed wetting since your whipping?" "No sir," Peter responded like a private called up by his drill sergeant, "I think I've licked my bed wetting problem." "Wonderful, and how many times have you masturbated since last Tuesday? And when you've masturbated, what have you thought of?" "Three times a day, each time thinking about how hot it was to finally be diapered, then whipped." "And your backside being sore?" "Huge turn on." "Good, I noticed you referred a friend already." "Yeah, Jamie's having trouble with his marriage, figured you might be able to help him." "Interesting; and you, any remaining fantasies left unsatisfied?" "No, I'm really satisfied, though it will be a bummer in another day or three when my backside is completely healed." "No sign of the whipping to remind you of how hot it was to be diapered and whipped?" "Exactly." "Do you want to pay for and schedule another session in a few months? I am willing to generally do up to three sessions with a client at escalating pay." "That would be nice, how much?" "Fifty thousand," I said. I use escalating prices to prevent most clients from becoming weeklies and treating me like a prostitute. "Sounds fair, how about I wire it to you now and we schedule it for three months out?" "Ok," I said. With that, I brought him out of the relaxed, hypnotic state. I reminded him of the two rules and that he would not consciously remember them. When he came out, I handed him a new consent form to sign, gave him wire transfer instructions and we scheduled another diaper-whipping session for him a few months out.Advantage Levy -------------- Having ridden my advantage early in the day, I was not surprised that Levy seized his upon his return from work. "Let's get you naked and tied up for fucking," he said as he came in the door. I stripped in the entry hall and followed him to the kitchen. My arms were tied behind my back and my body roped up nicely. Levy was careful to tie up my cock so it was forced up and out. He guided me to the living room and pushed me onto the floor. "Suck my cock Jay," he said. "I want to watch the Daily Show while you suck me off." With that, he turned on the 71" TV and plopped down on the couch a bit away from me. I had to struggle over to him with my hands and arms tied up behind my back and then position myself to suck my boyfriend's cock. After about five minutes he added, "By the way, I'm planning to shoot in your mouth and then fuck you also." I paused my oral ministrations for a moment and mumbled, his cock still in my mouth, "that's two." He agreed and I went back to sucking. After a few more minutes he began to grab my hair and the back of my head to force me deeper and deeper onto his cockshaft and prevent me from pulling back. "That's right Jay," he said, "deep throat me." It took about five more minutes of intense deep throating of his cock before he shot a massive load into me. The Daily Show was still on and he pushed me off him and onto the floor. "After the show finishes I'm fucking you," he said. It was pretty hot being tied up on the floor with my lover's cum trickling down my throat and my cock jutting out hard as a rock. I watched the second half of the Daily Show on the floor. When it finished, Levy turned off the TV and returned his focus to me, "well, we are love, time to fuck your brains out." He came off the couch and rolled me off onto my knees roughly. I was in no position to do anything to stop him with my arms still bound behind me. I felt him insert his fingers into my ass and then his condom sheathed cock quickly followed. I was impressed that he was able to be Free Lolita Tgp hard that soon after shooting a load, but it just meant that he was able to ride my fuckhole for longer. Though I was rock hard, I was not in the most comfortable position, but it also did not matter at all. My job was to provide Levy pleasure right now. I focused as best I could on tightening my hole to provide him pleasure. It took what seemed like forever before he orgasmed inside me and pulled out. "Ok, advantage Jacob," he said as he untied me just enough to make me work to get out of the restraints. He did not bother to unbind my cock so I had to work at that too. "Let's get some sleep. I'll take my turn in the morning," I said when I was finally completely unbound. So we headed off for bed. "One favor," Levy chimed up as we laid down in bed together. "I've been wanting to sell my Civic and my old bike for a Ducati 1098 for a while, but I am quite a bit short on cash." "And you were wondering if I could chip in?" "I am hoping to get the limited edition one so it lists around twenty-five." "Not a problem," I said, "but we probably need to sort out more than our sex lives before I put twenty-five thousand dollars up for a new motorcycle." "Fair enough," he responded. We fell asleep in each other's arms. In the morning, I decided against fucking Levy or having sex. That left things at Advantage Jacob and him horny as hell heading off to work. As he headed out, I commented, "I have a client this afternoon, but when you come home we should sort out our relationship a bit more and figure out the bike."Jamie ----- Jamie's wire transfer had already cleared my bank and he showed up early in a high-end Mercedes. I buzzed him in and led him into the office. He was visibly nervous. He looked different in real life than when I had seen him on TV. Somehow, in real life, he seemed shorter and slightly fatter. "Jamie," I said, "you are more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs." That broke the ice and he laughed. "Nice to meet you," he said, "what should I call you?" "Jay, Jacob, Yitzhak, YJ, whatever floats your boat." "Mind if I call you Yitzhak," he said, "my wife shortens my name to Jay sometimes." "Not a problem at all. Why not sit down, take a load off your feet and tell me your situation a bit more?" I gestured to the chair. I had to fight the impulse to torture, the hot star right then and there. That was a problem still brought on by the bullet in my head. No sense of remorse and no real ability to feel pain. Sometimes crazy ideas get into my head. I pushed them aside and decided to focus on hypnotizing Jamie. If I did not put him under he Free Lolita Tgp was unlikely to tell me much. As it was, he looked ready to jump out of the zero-gravity recliner I had just gotten him into. "Ok Jamie," I said firmly, "I need you to take ten deep breaths in and out, very slowly and very deeply." I decided to use a metronome to help with the induction. I stood up to the shelf that held it and started it at the slowest speed. The pendulum was set to swing at the slowest possible speed. "Time your breaths to the pendulum, breathe in at the left, and out at the right." "Focus on the small dot on the pendulum." "Relax your breathing," I said firmly. Free Lolita Tgp With his eyes fixating on the pendulum, I came around behind him, and sat on a stool. I then began applying pressure to his head in strategic locations to help him go under. It took nearly fifteen minutes to get him into a deep enough trance state that I felt safe to start giving real commands or digging into the reasons for his visit. "Jamie, you are completely relaxed," I started, "you will be focused on my voice, aware of my every word and remain calm and responsive to me. It is very important that you remember, if feels good to do what I say and to talk to me. Now, lift your legs an inch off the recliner and hold it." He complied. "Put them down. Did that feel good Jamie?" "Yes," he answered back. Slowly, over the course of three hours, I elicited the story of his failing marriage. I suggested a multi-visit treatment consisting of enforced chastity, forced sexual pleasuring of his wife, and punishments and rewards for compliance. He would visit me weekly to receive punishments or rewards based on his conduct. It was clear he wanted to save the marriage and my plan would help do that. We agreed on eight weeks of sessions for one hundred thousand dollars total, seventy-five thousand more. Before I brought him out of the hypnosis, I planted a few cues. They were my standard bearers: (1) it feels good to please and obey me; (2) you feel relaxed and uninhibited around me, and trust me; (3) you will not remember the details of the hypnosis or the rules consciously. He came to staring at the metronome and when I stopped it, he looked like he was just waking up. "Jamie, so you are going to wire transfer the rest of the funds--seventy-five thousand dollars--to me tonight right?" "Absolutely," he responded. "Let's get started, I need you undressed and then we'll go into the back." He stood up and unflinchingly stripped. Three hours ago he had been anxious, cocksure, and headstrong. Now he was putty in my sadistic hands. "Sit down on the chair," I said pointing to a simple, bare wooden chair in the middle of the room. "You will sit there and not move an inch until I come back." He did not make a sound or move and I headed for the house to find a chastity belt that I believed would fit him. I returned and he was still sitting, but his hands had moved from his lap to his sides. "You moved," I said. "Um," he stammered, "sorry." "We'll deal with that in a minute. Let's get this on," I said. With no resistance, I had him into the CB6000 in under a minute. I locked it with both a numbered tag and a padlock. "Now," I said, "let's deal with your disobedience. Stand up!" He stood and I sat down on the chair. "Over my lap like a naughty little boy." The thirty-four year old, straight actor--an Aries, I might add--came over my lap without hesitating. "What happens to naughty boys," I asked? "They get punished," he responded. "How?" "Spanked on their bare butt." "Right," I said, "so I need you to specifically ask me to punish you for your specific misbehavior earlier." "Yitzhak," he said, stammering slightly in fear, "please spank my butt for disobeying you and moving when you said not to." "Of course Jamie," I said. My cock was throbbing in my pants and I was glad a hard cup was keeping my bulge away from my client. I began to slap his ass gently, nothing too severe this time. I only gave him enough of a spanking to provide a first lesson on punishments. "Stand up," I said. "What do you say?" "Thank you for spanking me." "Exactly, now sit Free Lolita Tgp down and let's review what you will be doing with your wife for the next week until we meet next time." We reviewed my expectations for how much he would provide sexual gratification to his wife and the consequences for failure. We also discussed the possibility of an orgasm if he did ~everything~ he was supposed to do. With that I sent him off.Ducati ------ My session with Jamie had taken longer than I had expected. I was normally quite strict with clients about not getting underway in the first session. After he left I really wanted to masturbate, but realized that would be against the rules of the advantage system pact I had with my lover. Levy was doing a double shift so I took the time to sit down at my computer and work out a contract for Levy and I: > Whereas Levy Cohen ("Cohen") and Y.J. Levy ("Levy") have met > and fallen in love. > > Whereas Cohen and Levy wish to document the terms of their > relationship and cohabitation. > > It is resolved that: > > First, the parties shall live together. Each shall maintain > their finances separately for the time being. To the extent > one party purchases something for the other, it will be > treated as an irrevocable gift to the other. For example, if > Cohen provides cash to Levy to pay for house repairs, Cohen > shall acquire no ownership in the house. Similarly, if Levy > provides Cohen cash for a motorcycle, the motorcycle shall be > Cohen's sole property. > > Second, the parties have agreed to organize their sexual > relationship with each other by using the advantage system. > Each party agrees to follow the system and respect the other > party in following the system. Also, each party agrees that > the other may leave as a result of the actions of a party in > practicing the advantage system. > > Third, in lieu of any other property distribution or support > payments, the parties agree as follows. If the parties > separate within the first year from the effective date of this > agreement, Levy shall pay Cohen a one time payment of twelve > thousand dollars ($12,000). After the first year, Levy shall > pay Cohen support in the amount of three thousand dollars per > month ($3,000/month) for one year more than the number of > whole or fractional years together. For example, if the > parties stay together for two years and Free Lolita Tgp two days, payments > would last four years, three whole or fractional years > together plus one. I added signature and date blanks below the agreement. Then I printed and signed two copies. When Levy came home, I told him that I was ok about buying him the Ducati if we signed a simple agreement with each other. I showed him the agreement I had drawn up. "Seems fair enough," he said after reading it. "Should I sign?" "You want the Ducati 1098 S Tricolore?" He laughed, signed both copies and said, "guess I should get the rest of my stuff moved in." "That would be a good idea." "Let me file this away and then as I recall, the advantage is mine and I plan to seize it." "Sounds good." I put the agreement away in the computer room, grabbed a blank check for thirty-thousand dollars and then went to the gear room to find a nice sleepsack. I have a rubber_sleepsack_ that I had been wanting to have used on me for a a long while. This would of course be exploiting a corner of the advantage system. There is no need for the Top to fuck the Bottom, it is simply that the Bottom must work to sexually satisfy the Top. I also grabbed a French martinet for use on Levy should he fail to deliver on the sleepsack experience... _rubber_sleepsack "Here's a check for the motorcycle," I said. "We can go shopping together tomorrow if you want. You aren't working right?" "Nope," he responded. "Great, that also means we can stay up for a few hours. I want to be put in this sleep sack and sucked and kept on edge for at least two hours. I orgasm early and I'm whipping your backside with this martinet." Levy's eyes focused on the fierce whip in my one hand and the sack slung over my shoulder. "Hot!" Levy got me into the sack quickly and zipped me up. It was tight and hot very quickly. "One second," he said once I was in the sack and zipped in. With that he disappeared for a few minutes as I began to get nice and sweaty in the tight fitting sack. It was at least five minutes before he returned with a nice full_blindfold_... _full_blindfold "Two hours starts when I put the blindfold on. If I fail to keep you sufficiently on the edge of orgasm or if you cum, you get to whip me." With that, he put the blindfold on and announced the time, "12:13am." I had already been plunged into darkness and my body and mind were disassociating. The intensity of the tight confines of the rubber sleep sack, the heat, it was overwhelming. Then I Free Lolita Tgp felt my cock being sucked. I was seeing stars under the blindfold. Levy allowed me to moan endlessly, scream for mercy and for him to stop, but he did not stop. For an eternity, my cock was kept on edge. Then I shot a load. "Shit," I heard Levy say, "sorry Jay, it's only been an hour." He kissed me passionately and took the blindfold off. It took a while for my eyes to adjust and during that time Levy unzipped me from the sack. "That was hot," I said, "but we do need to punish you for letting me cum too early." I took about ten minutes to loosen up from being in the sack and then had Levy spread out on the bed on his stomach. I took the martinet and flogged him ten times with it, hard. This left nice red marks on his buttocks and back. "I think that will do tonight," I said, "but I notice it got you hard?" "Yeah, I get turned on being spanked," he said, "I went to a boarding school for a few years and they used to smack us a bit. I would get turned on by it." "Nice," I said. "You're fucking hard again already?" I looked down at my cock, I was. "Well by my count we are back at love," Levy announced, "so on your stomach then so I can beat your ass and see how little pain you feel?" I turned over and my cock was jutting into the bed. The martinet began to wail into my buttocks furiously and, no surprise, I found it pleasurable. Although he was hitting me violently with the martinet, my body's response was to become further and further aroused. "Levy, I'm going to orgasm from this," I announced. He kept hitting me harder. After I shot a load he jerked off and unloaded cum onto my red hot butt and announced, "Hard to decide here but I think technically we are at advantage me." "Let's just assume that and get some sleep. We have to buy a motorcycle tomorrow right?" We snuggled up. H collapsed onto my red hot, sore ass, both fell asleep quickly.Write the Author ---------------- These stories are e-mail'ware, show your appreciation by Free Lolita Tgp dropping some feedback (in English) to the author at Check out my other stories at .$$
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